Concrete Levelling

Concrete Floor Preparation

A smooth fat concrete surface is essential for applying and kind of floor coating. Effective and expert preparation of the floor surface is the key to achieving a professional and appealing finish.

Self-Levelling Compounds

Self-leveling compounds can correct uneven floors, repair damaged concrete, and provide a smooth surface for the application of coatings. These are a quick solution for smoothing and levelling damaged or uneven concrete as they set to a smooth surface without trowelling. Self-leveling overlays are poured or pumped onto the floor surface and then distributed evenly. To ensure a strong bond proper surface preparation is essential. Levelling compounds appearance can be altered by the application of dyes or stains making it suitable as a base for epoxy floors.

Aftek K 301 is a smoothing and levelling compound which is suitable for internal or external use and is weather and wear resistant. It is suitable for workshop and factory floors, light commercial, garages, walkways and footpaths. It dries within 2-3 hours and can be covered with polyurethane coatings or epoxy floor coatings.

Ardex K 15 is extremely versatile and can be applied over a wide variety of substrates and is a rapid drying floor levelling compound that can be covered in vinyl, timber or tiles.