Concrete Polishing

Polished Concrete is the mixture of three distinct technologies applied to your concrete surface. By combining progress in flooring grinding machines, chemical substances and the most recent diamond polishing technologies creates a high-grade surface finish with outstanding wearing properties.

Polished concrete and the aesthetic allure of natural jewel combine the durability of concrete. The result is amazingly hardwearing, and is a gleaming end, that looks fantastic, but is also not difficult to keep. On the top of this, polished concrete flooring can be an environmentally sustainable choice of commercial concrete flooring.

It is possible to appreciate a polished concrete floor in both new and old building. For a functional workspace, or the purpose of creating a feature floor, the slab can be especially poured in new construction. In older buildings, existing slabs can be polished and ground to create a hard wearing and visually appealing floor.


  • Virtually never-ending selection of matrix colours and aggregates
  • Immune to most compounds, oils, food and water
  • Create an excellent feel to a “wow” variable designed to impress and your house
  • A great investment, immediately adding value to your own house
  • Easy clean, providing you with additional time to enjoy your lifestyle and to keep
  • Suited to allergy sufferers with pollen, dirt, less dust or other allergens
  • Combines nicely with natural materials like glass, stone & timber products